Match reports 3rd XI 2015



Sunday July 19th

Billy Oates Cup semi-final: Whitley Hall 3rd XI v Wentworth

Wentworth won toss and chose to field.

Whitley Hall 3rd XI: 208 for 8 (45 overs). Kevin Brown 56, Josh Singleton 50, Brad Whitehead 28, Joe Chatterton 17

Wentworth: 212 for 7 (40.5 overs). Jordan Watson 90, Josh Heenan 43. A. Riddle 7-0-32-2; A. Whitehead 9-2-33-2; J. Chatterton 9-1-37-1; J. Singleton 5.5-0-43-2.

Wentworth won by three wickets.


Aaron Whitehead reflects on a day when there were plenty of positives despite semi-final defeat

The third Sunday in July brought the semi-final of the Billy Oates Cup, with the Whitley Colts facing Wentworth CC’s 1st XI at Cinder Hill Lane in an eagerly anticipated afternoon duel. The day began well for the experienced members of the Colts side when they won the pre-warm up game of football 2-1 (I say this team was ‘experienced’, but with an average age of 20, be sure there are still many more years of cricket in those ‘old’ legs –many many!).

Whitley, having lost the toss, batted first, starting with a new opening partnership of Brad ‘Run Out’ Whitehead and Kevin ‘Block’ Brown.

Brad, having been involved in run-outs in each of his previous two innings, seemed to think it might be a good time to try for a hat-trick when, off the first ball of the innings, he decided on a questionable quick single with his brother’s former Harley team-mate Chris Ferris ready to pounce.

In the event, both Brad and Kev plodded along, picking up runs from the loose balls the Wentworth bowlers were offering. Then, when Brad had reached 28 and the total stood on 52, he chipped one up to mid- wicket. Out!

There now followed the kind of little collapse that has become a trademark of the second and third teams’ batting of late. Josh ‘Moon Head’ Dobson and Travis ‘Fit Sister’ Hodgson both mis-timed shots straight to square leg! 53 for three.

In came Josh ‘Pad Back a Straight One’ Singleton’, and he and Kevin, knowing a rebuilding job was required, turned things round with a stand worth 106, taking the score to 159 for 4.

For anyone who has seen Kevin bat, a six over mid-off is the last thing you would expect, but this was what he managed, depositing a full ball into the houses across the road!

What a shot Kev!

Josh, meanwhile, was picking up boundaries at will, making the bowler pay for anything off line or length. It was his third 50 in four innings, his only ‘fail’ having been a golden duck in the Seconds the day before.

Jack ‘Slogger’ Hartley and Tom ‘New Boy’ Staniland both came and went for two quick-fire 7′s.

Rolling the years back to junior cricket days, Joe ‘The Scientist’ Chatterton and Aaron ‘Hammer’ Whitehead decided to give the crowd some entertainment, with Joe hitting a six into the sight screen, and Aaron (having thought ‘I can go one better’) depositing a length ball OVER the sight screen –some folk suggested it must have gone upwards of 100 metres and was a blow Chris Gayle would have been happy with!

The Whitley innings finished on 208 for 8. With the Whitley boys knowing they would have to bowl very well and field tightly to win the game against a strong batting side, they set about their task well, with Alistair ‘Ginger’ Riddle and ‘Hammer’ Whitehead nipping and swinging the new ball around at will.

A tight opening partnership was backed up with some fine fielding. Alastair picked up one opener’s wicket, a catch by Hartley, who had dropped the same player a couple of balls before only to see Alastair had bowled a no-ball! Lucky boy.

Aaron, bowling a Simon Jones 2005 Ashes in-swinging delivery, dismissed the other opener.

Joe the Scientist picked up the wicket of Chris Ferris, bamboozling him with spin and bounce…well, lack of bounce.

Josh Singleton and Matt Brown bowled tight spells, but with a few boundary balls that were put away. Josh picked up two wickets, Tom Orr and Joshua Heenan. One bowled, and one caught by Hartley –again!

A few catches by Brad, Matt and Travis were put down, but these things happen in the field and no one means to drop them! Catch the next one lads! (I want to apologise to Trav after he dropped a chance off me, and say ‘Keep your head up, mate; you have done really well since you arrived in the squad’).

Speaking of catches, when I came back on seeking a breakthrough, I succeeded and claimed the wicket of the dangerous Jordan Watson, Wentworth’s top scorer with 90, but I did it when he was brilliantly caught on the long-on boundary by Tom Staniland. It is fair to say it was a catch that will live long in the memory of those who saw it…and I do believe that Tom’s mum was so afraid the lad might drop it, she didn’t look and her heart was beating ten to the dozen! She needn’t have feared, I can assure her that Tom showed a safe pair of hands…and kept a cool head!

Ginger Riddle picked up a final wicket before Wentworth, finishing with a boundary, reached 212 with 4.5 overs and three wickets remaining. We lost, but it was a good game played in the right spirit. Good luck to Wentworth in the final against Shiregreen. Everyone in the Whitley team can take something they can be proud of from the match, be it Josh with his 50, Alistair with his two wickets, and, of course, Tom won’t forget that catch, and I must say that Travis did a really good job behind the stumps on a wicket that was rolling and popping from the same spot!

The future of the cricket club looks bright if you consider the way the third team is performing. We may have come away disappointed by the result, but when we look back we will see we gave a strong team a good run, and every player will be better for it!
Aaron Whitehead, 19/07/2015

Sunday July 12th

Whitley Hall 3rd XI v Shiregreen 3rd XI (away), SYCL Division 5 West.

Whitley won toss and chose to field.

Shiregreen 3rd XI: 205 for 8 (46 overs).

Eric Robinson 50. Charlie Wragg 11-4-21-2; 9-1-55-2; Joe Chatterton 10-0-41-1; Joe Webster 7-0-25-2.

Whitley Hall 3rd XI: 207 for 5 (44.4 overs).

Nelson Windle 49, Tom Staniland 32, Travis Hodgson 23.

Whitley Hall 3rd XI won by five wickets.


Saturday July 4th

Whitley Hall 3rd XI v Brookhouse 1st XI (home), SYCL Division 5 West

Whitley won toss and chose to field.

Brookhouse: 162 (41.2 overs). Matt Brown 12-1-54-4; Josh Singleton 12.2-1-49-4.

Whitley Hall 3rd XI: 163 for 8 (49.1 overs). Nick Lowe 61 not out, Josh Singleton 60.

Whitley Hall 3rd XI won by 2 wickets.


Sunday June 28th

Whitley Hall 3rd XI (Colts) v Scholes 1st XI (away), Billy Oates Cup(Quarter-final)

Whitley Hall won the toss and elected to field.

Scholes 1st XI: 34 all out (19.3 overs). Ian Lewis 13. Bowling: A. Riddle 7-2-15-3; A. Whitehead 6-3-8-3; C. Foulkes 3-0-6-2; J. Chatterton 3-3-0-0; O. Ashton 0.3-0-4-2.

Whitley Hall 3rd XI: 35-0 (8.1 overs). N. Windle 20, J. Dobson 11.

Whitley Hall 3rd XI won by ten wickets.



Sunday June 21

Whitley Hall 3rd XI v Scholes 2nd XI (home), SYCL Division 5 West.

Whitley Hall 3rd XI won the toss and chose to bat.

WHCC 3rd XI (Colts) 368 for 4. Nelson Windle 77, Bradley Whitehead 67, Josh Singleton 66*, Jack Hartley 52*, Matt Brown 44, Josh Dobson 33.

Scholes 2nd XI: 38 all out (15.5 overs).  Alistair Riddle (7-3-18-5), Aaron Whitehead (7-0-14-3), Jack Hartley (0.5.-0-2-1), Kevin Brown (1-1-0-0).

Scholes lost 9 wickets, and Tom Dobson retired hurt.

Whitley won by 330 runs.


Josh Singleton reflects on a rather big win for the Whitley Colts

On a scorcher of a day at Cinder Hill Lane, Whitley’s unbeaten Colts faced Scholes in what has come to be called ‘The Battle of the Dobsons, Josh and Tom’ In recent years there has been no love lost between the two teams, confirmed by memories of food fights at tea and a certain individual attacking a chair after it “looked at him funny.”

But back to the cricket… Kev was back to his winning ways with his lucky 2pence piece, and he chose to bat first on what looked a very good wicket –as was proved true when Brad Whitehead, renowned for his ‘leave’, scored 11 off the first ball, much to the amazement of everyone in the ground.

This aggressive cricket continued throughout the innings, with both openers, Nelson Windle as well as Brad, scoring for fun and putting on 147 for the first wicket before Brad fell for a well made 67.

This brought Dobby to the crease, and he and Nelson continued to make easy pickings of the Scholes attack, with the boundaries appearing to be easy to come by. However, despite Nelson’s best efforts to distract the bowlers with his shiny forehead, he was also bowled by Phillip Clarke after appearing to fall asleep while waiting for the delivery to be bowled. Then out stepped Parki (Matt Brown) to a rapturous applause from around the ground, and he decided it was time to ‘go big or go home’, smashing a four of his first ball and continuing in this vein throughout his innings.

Unfortunately Dobby fell to his old nemesis Ian Lewis for a quick-fire 33. The batting practice continued with Matt getting 44, Singo 66 and a blistering 52 not out for laid-back Jack Hartley, who, after his second six, complained that he wasn’t timing the ball. After tea, Hammer and Alistair Riddle ripped through a poor Scholes batting line-up picking up three and five wickets respectively, while skipper Kev tied them up with a brilliant maiden over. Jack Hartley finished them off, which led to another early finish for the Colts –their unbeaten start maintained.

Josh Singleton, June 21


Additional notes:

As the scores indicate, it was rather one-sided, but a match that nevertheless was played in good spirit by both sides, and when Kevin B won the toss (again!) and on this occasion elected to bat first instead of fielding, it offered an opportunity for some of the lads who don’t usually get much chance to bat to enjoy the experience for a change. Anyway we can now say that it’s not only the 1st XI that can top 300 in an innings! Victory by 330 runs…it must be a record!

From Look Local:

Whitley Hall  3rd XI 368 for 4, Scholes 2nd XI 37

Well, anything the 1st XI can do, the Whitley 3rd XI (Colts) can top them…at least, they did so on Sunday with a victory by no fewer than 331 runs in the SYCL Division 5 (West) match at Cinder Hill Lane, where Kevin Brown’s lads accumulated 368 and then disposed of the visitors for just 37!

Usually when the Colts win the toss skipper Brown prefers to field first, but this time he chose not to because he felt it was time that some of the youngsters from the lower order who don’t often get to bat were given that chance. It paid off, for after Brad Whitehead (67) and Nelson Windle (77) had put on 147 for the first wicket, Josh Singleton (66), Jack Hartley (52), Matt Brown (44) and Josh Dobson (33) all hit out in style to create what must be a record total for the Wizards’ third string.

Then Alistair Riddle claimed five wickets, Aaron Whitehead three, and Jack Hartley one, with one Scholes player, Tom Dobson, retiring hurt as Scholes were toppled in quick-time, and everyone went home early and happy –including the first-teamers who turned up to watch proceedings!

It has to be said that, one-sided though the match turned out to be, it was played in a pleasant and sporting spirit by both sides.

Saturday June 6th

Whitley 3rd XI (Colts) v Handsworth (home), SYCL Division 5 West

Handsworth won toss and chose to bat.

Handsworth: 89 all out (34.1 overs). Riddle 6-0-15-1; J. Hartley 6-2-11-2; J. Nalty 6-0-20-2; Ahmed 5-0-8-2; M. Brown 6-2-23-2; J. Singleton 5.1-0-7-1.

Whitley Hall 3rd XI: 90 for 2 (29.1 overs). Bradley Whitehead 21, Josh Dobson 51 not out, Elliott Ashton 15.

Whitley Hall 3rd XI won by 8 wickets.


Bradley Whitehead reports on another success for Kev’s lads

Changes were made for the home match against Handsworth when Aaron Whitehead was called into the 2nd XI following his notable performance at Whiston the week before, so brother Brad returned to the side after missing the previous game.

The day started with a disappointment as skipper Kev lost the toss for the second week in a row, and Handsworth decided to bat on a wicket described by some as a ‘road’.

With Alistair R and Jack H opening the bowling, it didn’t take long to take the first wicket –Jack doing it with a peach of a delivery that hit leg stump (2 for1).

The following over saw Alistair claim his only wicket of the game, his victim caught at cover by Brad (3 for 2). The third wicket fell as Jack once again produced to remove Handsworth’s captain (18 for 3).

Alistair and Jack both bowled fine spells which brought vital early wickets and kept runs to a minimum. Even so, there came a time when changes in attack were needed. So came the introduction of Mohsin, and he quickly took his first wicket (score now 26 for 4).

Along with Mohsin, Jacob N was brought on, and he didn’t take long to make an impact as he knocked the stumps over to claim his first wicket (35 for 5).

After removing the top order efficiently, it was just a matter of whittling through the rest quickly, and Jacob took his second wicket, trapping the batsman leg-before –much to the victim’s displeasure (46 for 6).

Mohsin then continued his fine spell and sent another batsman packing without troubling the scorers (47 for 7).

With the opposition on their knees, further bowling changes were made as Kev turned to spin, bringing on Matt B and Josh S to clean up the remaining wickets. The pair wasted little time as Matt bamboozled the batsman with a fine delivery (58 for 8). The Browns then combined to take the next wicket as Kev took a simple catch in close, much to Matt’s delight (60 for 9).

The final wicket proved somewhat elusive as Handsworth’s last pair appeared content to block out, but Josh ended the innings with a plumb lbw, and Handsworth’s 89 all out looked to be far too little on a batting-friendly wicket. As usual, Brad and Nelson opened the innings for Whitley, but things didn’t get off to the greatest of starts as Nelson, on 0, edged to first slip (9 for 1). But Dobby came at at No.3, and he and Brad forged a solid partnership which, unfortunately, was broken when Brad was given leg-before on 21 (51 for 2).

With the Colts needing only 39 runs to win, there was no pressure on Elliot who went in at No.4. He and Dobby chased down the remaining runs, with Dobby top scoring on 51 not out with five fours, and Elliot finishing on 15 not out with two fours.

It all added up to an eight-wicket victory, a result that brought us another seven points in our bid for promotion.

Well done lads! Onto the next one!

Bradley Whitehead , June 6


Saturday May 30th

Whitley Hall 3rd XI v Whiston Forge (away), SYCL Division 5 West

Whiston won toss and chose to field.

Whitley Hall 3rd XI won by 30 runs.

Whitley Hall 3rd XI: 161 for 9 (46 overs). Windle 22, Singleton 28, A. Whitehead 46no. Calvin Dunn 3-31, Callum Dunn 2-16.

Whiston Forge: 131 all out (45.3 overs). Darvin 53. Riddle 8-

4-10-1; Hartley 7-4-6-0; Singleton 9-0-33-1; M. Brown 5-0-30-0; J. Nalty 6-1-18-3; A. Whitehead 6-3-13-2; M. Ahmed 4.3-2-9-3.


Jacob Nalty reports on a fine success for Whitley’s 3rd XI

It was a dull day at Whiston Forge, brightened only by the presence of the Whitley Colts led by the returning captain Kevin Brown. Unfortunately, Kevin lost the toss for the first time this season, which meant the Wizards were put in to bat.

Nelson Windle and youth star Mohsin Ahmed opened the innings. Nelson was first to fall, being caught for a respectable 22 runs off of 29 balls.

A combination of painfully slow bowling at one end, and medium pace at the other, meant it was difficult for the batters to find any rhythm. But the Colts pushed forward valiantly. Sadly, another spanner was thrown into the works when Mohsin Ahmed was dismissed for nine, and this was followed by the quick dismissals of Elliot Ashton and Joshua Dobson.

The Colts found themselves in a difficult situation at 49 for four, and it fell to Josh Singleton and Kevin Brown to bring about a revival. Kevin was dismissed by the Whiston Forge captain. However, there was a glimmer of light when Aaron ‘Hammer’ Whitehead arrived.

Aaron and Josh Singleton pushed strong to lift Whitley Colts quickly up to 100 runs. Then Josh (28) fell leg-before to leave the colts at 109 for six.

Next in was Jack Hartley, but the Colts hit another unfortunate spell, for Jack was quickly dismissed, and we were struggling at 111 for seven.

The turnaround from this short slump came when Jacob Nalty came to the crease. Jacob could still hear the echo of Aaron’s words “I’m going to attack this bowler this over”, a vow he fulfilled with a quick succession of boundaries. So Jacob followed in his team-mate’s footsteps by hitting two fours to the leg-side boundary.

Unfortunately Jacob then fell for nine runs after a powerful strike went straight to mid-off!

This left the Colts at 133 for eight, and next in-line was Matthew Brown, who quickly got to work by adding six runs. Aaron and Alistair batted out the remaining overs to take the total to 161 for nine, Aaron finishing on 46 not out.

The Colts began the bowling attack with Alistair Riddle and Jack Hartley, and Alistair struck first thanks to Elliot Ashton’s wonder catch at gully. Whiston were one for one. Impressive bowling by both meant that only 16 runs were scored off their combined 15 overs. Despite the great bowling, the stubborn Whiston batsmen remained, so Kevin opted for a change of pace by bringing Josh Singleton and Matthew Brown into the attack.

Josh soon struck and Whiston were 53 for two. But the pressure was building for the Colts as the visitors began to climb towards their target, with their opener  Darvin surpassing 50.

Kevin then made another tactical change by introducing Nalty and the Hammer into the attack. Nalty managed to dismiss the opener who was holding Whiston together, producing a well-disguised full toss, and Whiston were now 91 for three.

A swift collapse in Whiston’s innings followed as Aaron got two quick wickets to leave them on 98 for five; and this was followed by another two quick wickets from Nalty. Whiston’s score now stood at 118 for seven.

The remaining wickets were mopped up by Mohsin Ahmed, whose three wickets included two in the last over to end Whiston’s innings at 131 all out, giving the Colts a 30-run victory and maximum points!

Jacob Nalty May 30


Monday May 25th

Whitley Hall 3rd XI v Adwick-le-Street (home), Billy Oates Cup

Whitley Hall 3rd XI won toss and chose to field.

Whitley Hall won by six wickets.

Adwick-le-Street: 78 all out (22.3 overs). Sturman 33 not out; A. Riddle 5-1-8-3; J. Hartley 6-1-17-3; J. Nalty 6.3-0-24-2; A. Whitehead 3-1-7-2; C. Wragg 2-0-11-0.

Fall of wickets: 5-5-10-11-26-26-26-37-42.

Whitley Hall 3rd XI: 81-4 (23.4 overs). B. Whitehead 36not out, Josh Dobson 26.


Josh Dobson reports on a six-wickets success in the Billy Oates Cup

On a gloomy Bank Holiday Monday at Baxter Field, it was the start of the Billy Oates Cup trail, and Whitley Hall’s Colts welcomed Adwick le Street, who have recently been in fine fettle with an unbeaten start to their season.

Stand-in captain Nelson Windle won the toss, and wisely elected to bowl. The decision paid a dividend as early as the second over when Jack Hartley picked up the first wicket. Alistair Riddle then got in on the act,  taking three wickets to put big pressure on the visitors.

Jack carried on with the high pressure, claiming two wickets in two balls, and the visitors found themselves on 26 for six.

Unfortunately, Jack couldn’t complete his hat-trick with a ball going down the leg. Nelson then turned to Jacob to replace Alistair, and he promptly got a wicket  to leave Adwick-le-Street 26 for seven.

Jack Hartley was replaced by the aggressive Aaron Whitehead, and it didn’t take him long to put his mark on the game getting the next victim clean bowled. Aaron struck a few overs later when Josh Singleton took a smart catch to leave the visitors 42 for nine.

However, a stubborn last-wicket partnership of 36 took the visitors to 78 before Matt Brown took a brilliant diving catch to his left.

And the drama was not over there.

While walking back to the changing rooms, a few words were exchanged between Nelson and a spectator of the away side, leaving a sour atmosphere in the air.

After Tea, Brad and Charlie opened the batting for the Colts, but the visitors made a breakthrough as Charlie was bowled  at 11 for one to bring in Josh Dobson.

The next wicket fell with the score at 66 with Josh Dobson going for 25. Nelson was then run out for one, and Elliott followed for 4. The other Josh (Singleton) arrived, but didn’t have to face a ball as Brad finished off the game with a solid 36.

The Colts will now face Scholes on June 28th. Put the date in your diary!

Josh Dobson May 25


Saturday May 16th

Whitley Hall 3rd XI v Mexborough (home) SYCL Division 5 West.

Whitley Hall 3rds won by ten wickets.

Whitley Hall won the toss and chose to field.

Mexborough 40 all out (22.3 overs). Aaron Whitehead 5 for 9 in six overs; A. Riddle 6-1-15-2; Jack Hartley 6-4-7-2; J. Nalty 5-0-8-1.

Whitley Hall 3rds: 42 for 0. Bradley Whitehead 27 no, Nelson Windle 12no.


Nelson Windle reports on a ten-wicket triumph for the 3rd XI
A devastating spell of fast bowling from Aaron Whitehead (five for nine in six overs) helped Whitley Hall continue their unbeaten start to the season and secure another seven points with a ten-wicket triumph. Yet again Kevin Brown won the toss, and, sticking with tradition, he invited the visitors to bat first.
The ever-impressive Jack Hartley continued his good run, and, having beaten Clark’s outside edge on several occasions, the third over brought the first wicket when the batsman’s off-stump was knocked back. It wasn’t long before Alistair Riddle struck, but not in the fashion to which he has become accustomed. Instead of the usual big inswinger, the slower ball was used to dismiss both Barker and Burton, bowled leg stump. Soon afterwards Aaron Whitehead made his first contribution to the game –or more a lack of it! Having decided to tell everyone in the changing room he was a level-2 coach, he proceeded to show us all how not to back up the stumps. With the batsmen attempting a second run, Jacob Nalty quickly gathered the ball and tried to throw down the stumps, but, instead of stopping the ball, Aaron decided it was a good idea to let it continue to the boundary! Whitehead and Nalty were given the signal to warm up, but not before Hartley claimed his second wicket of the day thanks to a smart low catch from Aaron. Nalty removed Mexborough’s top scorer Cousins, caught by skipper Brown at short extra- cover, then it was over to Aaron to finish the job. A spell of fast, hostile bowling caused the batsmen many problems, and at times singles were being turned down to avoid it! Stubborn opener Cooke was the first victim, a thick outside edge caught at gully by Singleton. Butler walked to the crease and walked straight back to the pavilion, clean bowled. Whitehead was on a hat trick…but, unfortunately, a loud leg-before shout was turned down. It wasn’t too long before the opportunity of a hat trick presented itself again.  Having sent down two very good bouncers, Aaron then sent down one that was full and straight, disturbing the stumps and removing Presley.  Swales came in and promptly had his off peg knocked back.  Jessop then arrived with four slips and two gullies waiting for him, but it wasn’t until two overs later that Aaron found the outside edge, Kevin Brown parried it up in the air and Charlie Wragg reacted smartly to end the Mexborough innings with just 40 on the board. With a simple target of 41 to win and 69 overs in which to get them, openers Brad Whitehead and Nelson Windle wasted little time in chasing down the runs.  With a very defensive field set which included a sweeper on either side and most fielders on the edge of the 25-yard circle, singles were taken easily.  After just 8.2 overs it was game over, seven points in the bag and Whitley back on top of the table! END


Saturday May 9th

WHCC 3rd XI’s match at Caribbean cancelled (weather)


Saturday May 2nd

Whitley Hall 3rd XI v Wath (away), SYCL Division 5 West.

Whitley Hall 3rd XI won by 3 wickets (7pts)

Whitley Hall won toss and chose to field.

Wath 90 all out ( 31.2 overs).Roebuck 52; Jack Hartley 7-1-20-2; Alistair Riddle7-1-24-2; Jacob Nalty 6-1-17-2; Aaron Whitehead 6-1-17-2; Josh Singleton 3-1-2-1; Matt Brown 2.2-0-6-1.

Whitley Hall: 91 for 7 ( 35.4 overs). Josh Dobson 28, Kevin Brown 13, Josh Singleton 13; Elliott Ashton 11.


Elliott Ashton reports on another fine win as the 3rd XI make it three on the trot on a chilly day at Dearne

So, in typical Bank Holiday weather, the Colts headed to what was for many the unfamiliar surroundings of Dearne CC –indeed, one Wizard had the misfortune to arrive via Wath CC! The toss was duly won by Kevin, who invited Wath to have a bat and, probably having one eye on the rain/light/even the cold, the skipper told us to “whittle them out as quickly as possible”. We took to the field with many commenting they should have brought their rugby boots- yes it was that good! The bowling was opened by Jack H, who soon got into his stride by clean bowling the opposition’s wicketkeeper for a duck. The remaining opener soon fell, for 2, caught by Dobby at second slip off Riddler’s bowling. Other wickets fell as regularly as the showers blew over, with all bowlers making a contribution. Jacob N chipped in with a couple of wickets, including one from a diving one-handed catch at silly mid off by yours truly! The only thorn in our side was Wath’s No.3 batsman, who eventually edged the Hammer straight into Nelson’s gloves, but not before scoring 52 runs that included an excellent (on this field) seven fours –indeed, no other Wath batsman scored any boundaries. Matt B took the final wicket with a fine catch by Jack H at mid-off leaving Wath with a modest total of 90 all out after 31.2 overs.

Thankfully we could have tea early and get warm! The Colts openers, Nelson W and Brad W, looking to get the 91 runs required for victory,  descended the small terracing from the pavilion onto the field (on the way home my Dad said it reminded him of the old Wednesday Kop –cold, bleak and sparsely populated), and, on a dog of a pitch, both succumbed to edges to the wicketkeeper.

Dobby, facing a bit of chin music and the odd daisy cutter, scored a handy 28 including two fours before being caught. I chipped in with 11, but, after glancing one down leg for four, I edged the following ball to the wicketkeeper. Kevin B came to the crease and nudged us closer to the target before being bowled for 13 by one that pitched outside and nipped back. The Hammer had reached four before wanting a quick single that probably wasn’t there. The poor lad was left stranded as the bails were whipped off. So, with the scores level at 90, it was left for Josh S (13 not out) to get the winning run by hitting one past mid-off and we finished with 91 for seven –a victory by three wickets.

Elliott Ashton, May 2 2015


Saturday April 25th

3rd XI v Wickersley 3rd XI (h), SYCL Division 5 West

Whitley Hall 3rd XI won by 8 wickets

Whitley won toss and chose to field.

Wickersley OV 3rd XI 161 all out (45.4 overs).  Lazenby 44, Eggleston 32. Jack Hartley 9-3-26-3; Mohsin Ahmed  6-3-13-1; Jacob Nulty 6-1-13-2; Aaron Whitehead 7-0-24-0; Josh Singleton 10.4-0-33-2; Matt Brown 7-0-36-2.

Whitley Hall 3rd XI 164-2 (30 overs). Todd Dennien 91; Nelson Windle 9; Josh Dobson 34 not out; Bradley Whitehead 9 not out; Mohsin Ahmed; Kevin Brown (capt); Josh Singleton; Jack Hartley; Aaron Whitehead; Matt Brown; Jacob Nalty.


Aaron Whitehead reports on another good day for the third eleven


It was a day that started with some high quality football and ended with Brad Whitehead hitting a lofted cover drive for four to seal an eight-wicket victory over Wickersley for Whitley’s 3rd XI.

After a brilliant win in our opening match, we welcomed Wickersley hoping to make it two wins on the trot. We were without Alistair Riddle and Nick Lowe from the previous week, but Aaron Whitehead and Jacob Nulty returned to the side –additions that helped strengthen an already strong bowling unit.

Captain Kevin told us to bowl in the right areas, saying the ball will do the talking, and if we get a few quick wickets, we can show we are a premier team in this division and serious title contenders.

We did just that with Jack and Mohsin opening the bowling. Not long into the innings Moshin struck, prompting one of the Wickersley openers to give an easy catch to Nelson Windle.  A strong start saw both opening bowlers taking a wicket; then on came the returning Aaron and Jacob, both bowling a good line and length and beating the bat countless times in the spell.

Aaron didn’t pick up a wicket, but on another day would have had a few, for there were many chances and a few near misses. (Aaron hasn’t taken a wicket since brother Brad said he wouldn’t do so in a100 years! Is it a curse?). Nalty on the other hand managed to take two wickets in two balls, with both smashing into the top of the off-stump.

After the drinks break Matt and Josh bowled some testing spin, with both being economical and picking up wickets at the right time. A special mention to the opening batsman who edged a Matt Brown ball to Nelson, and, without the umpire giving him out, he walked.

Back came Jack and with help from Aaron he picked up a wicket to leave Wickersley nine down with one over left, so Josh Singo bowled the last over knowing he needed one wicket from it to ensure we could finish with 7 points providing we knocked off the runs later!

Wickersley ended with 161 all out.

Todd and Nelson opened our batting knowing the aim was to bat properly and not do anything stupid, then we would be on our way to victory. With the pair playing nicely, hitting the bad ball to the boundary and not risking their wicket, we had a shock! Hearing of Rotherham equalising, Frank pulled a muscle in his celebration having to hobble down the stairs and along half of the boundary to get a chair!  He said later the pain was worth it, such is the enthusiasm of our contingent of Millers fans.

Then a full ball came to Nelson, and he chipped to mid-off . In came young Josh Dobson to partner the Aussie, and both upped the run-rate with boundaries from proper shots. Dobson would end the day 34 not out. As for Todd he would be too honest but more of that later. With the light closing in Todd played a great back-foot drive for four that brought him to his first 50 on English soil. Hopefully, more will follow in the weeks to come whatever team he plays in (he has now overtaken Webbo as the highest run scorer in their house!).

Then, with 10 needed, Todd, on 91, played at a ball down the leg and glanced it into the keeper’s glove. The umpire didn’t give it, but Todd walked off. He later said he wouldn’t have, but he felt bad as he smashed the cover off it! (A rumour at the ground suggested that our Aussie friend only excelled because the bat he used had been borrowed from Aaron, who has never been able to make it work so well or for so long over the past two years…indeed he has hardly held it long enough!).

Anyhow, when Todd departed, Brad arrived to partner Dobby, and they knocked off the ten runs we needed: a wide ball was bowled and Brad played a textbook lofted cover drive for four to finish the game.

An eight-wicket win for the Whitley lads sounds easy, but in the field we had to slug it out and not get down when we went spells without taking a wicket. Once again we showed that we are capable of beating anyone in the League and should be there or thereabouts come the end of the season.

A really enjoyable game. Let’s hope for more wins in the coming weeks to cement our spot around the promotion positions. On to next week…!



Sunday April 19th

3rd XI v Brookhouse (played at Whitley), SYCL Division 5 West

Whitley Hall 3rd XI won by 5 wickets.

Brookhouse 90 all out (26.3 overs). Larne 27; Jack Hartley 4 for 11, Josh Singleton 4-27 inc hat-trick, Matt Brown 1-12, Mohsin Ahmed 1-16.

WHCC 3rd XI 92-5 (27.4 overs). Nick Lowe 45.


Alistair “if it’s outside off it’s going for 4, if not more”  Riddle reports from Cinder Hill Lane

Sunday was a typical spring afternoon down at Cinder Hill Lane where the Whitley Hall Colts/3rd XI made a terrific winning start to their 2015 season in Division 5 of the South Yorkshire Cricket League with a five-wicket victory over Brookhouse.

Whitley opened the bowling with Riddle from the road end and Hartley from the field end; and Hartley got off to a flyer with four wickets in his opening spell,  while Riddle battled away with his usual energy and enthusiasm but got no reward for his efforts.

When young Mohsin replaced Riddle, however, after slowly gathering momentum he made the breakthrough on Brookhouse’s stand-out batter. And soon the wickets started tumbling. Ginger wizard Matthew Brown chipped in with a wicket, while Josh Singleton ripped through the middle order and the tail, bagging a sublime hat-trick on his way to his four-wicket haul.

So it was not a bad start by the Whitley lads considering it was the first game back for many. And Singleton’s efforts served to show how valued gingers are, not just in the cricketing world but the world today!

Brookhouse were all out for 90.

Nelson Windle and a young and tame Nick Lowe opened the Whitley’s innings in positive style and generated a good opening partnership. As boundaries started accumulating for the Wizards, Nelson was run out controversially, but the decision was not referred even though some said Nelson was nearly in the corn field as the umpire raised his finger.

Joshua Dobson put on a respectable 13 considering the 91 was required to win. However, true to Colts tradition, wickets were tumbling through the middle order in less than convincing style. But, as always, the colts battled through. Big things were expected from the Aussie newcomer Todd Dennien, but the 28 pints he had consumed the night before obviously didn’t help his cause, for the lad was back in the Pavilion/Shed/Josh Singleton’s stress relief room (call it what you will) for one.

As wickets were falling like flies in an aluminium fly shield, Brad Whitehead (brother of Ecclesfield’s Frank Gallagher, otherwise called Aaron) and Mo Ahmed battled through to guide the Colts to what on paper will look a comfortable victory –although, on the day it was at one stage feared that Matthew Brown and Alistair “if it’s outside off it’s going for 4, if not more” Riddle were going to have see us home.

Whitely Hall won by five wickets.

Alistair Riddle 19-4-2015



















This is the Colts team that clinched promotion from Division One of the South Yorkshire Alliance in 2014. Matt Brown, a regular all season, is in the pic but did not play on the final day, and Josh Dobson was not available. Back row: Josh Singleton, Charlie Wragg, Kevin Brown (capt), Alistair Riddle, Biswick Kapala,  Jack Hartley, Elliott Ashton. Front row: Bradley Whitehead, Molly Whittaker, Nelson Windle, Matt Brown, Nick Lowe.

This is the Colts team that clinched promotion from Division One of the South Yorkshire Alliance in 2014. Matt Brown, a regular all season, is in the pic but did not play on the final day, and Josh Dobson was not available. Back row: Josh Singleton, Charlie Wragg, Kevin Brown (capt), Alistair Riddle, Biswick Kapala, Jack Hartley, Elliott Ashton. Front row: Bradley Whitehead, Molly Whittaker, Nelson Windle, Matt Brown, Nick Lowe.