Match Reports 2015 2nd XI



Whitley Hall 2nd XI v Shiregreen 1st XI (away), SYCL Division One

Shiregreen won toss and chose to bat.

Shiregreen 1st XI: 269-4 (50 overs).

Whitley Hall 2nd XI:21for 0 (2.5 overs).

Match abandoned –rain.

Saturday August 8th

Whitley Hall 2nd XI v Barnsley 2nd XI (away). SYCL Division One.

Barnsley won toss and chose to bat.

Barnsley 2nd XI: 202 for 6 (50 overs).A.Clayton 60. (Clayton & Lavender 80 for 5th wicket). Kapala 14-1-59-1; A.Whitehead 7-1-35-1;Wragg 11-3-41=2; I. Younis 92-34-1; J. Chatterton 9-1-28-1.

Whitley Hall 2nd XI: 203 for 6 (43 overs). Heathcote 46 (47 balls, ten 4s), Dennien 50no (six 4s), Warren 55 (51 balls, ten 4s).

WHCC  2nd XI (captained by Tim Wadsworth in absence of Joe Webster) won by 4 wickets (5pts).

Saturday August 1st

Whitley Hall 2nd XI v Mexborough (away) SYCL Division One


Saturday July 25th

Whitley Hall 2nd XI v Sheffield Collegiate 2nd XI (home), SYCL Division One.

Whitley Hall won the toss and chose to bat.

Whitley Hall 2nd XI: 80 all out (27.3 overs). James Ahmed 26, Aaaron Whitehead 19. Shaw 3-38, Lomas 3-12, Schofield 4-29.

Fall of wickets: 3-7-8-31-31-40-42-54-55-80.

Collegiate 2nd XI: 83 for one (10.2 overs). Tyas 49 not out. Ahmed 1-29.

Collegiate won by 9 wickets.


Saturday July 18th

Whitley Hall 2nd XI v Kexborough 1st XI (away), SYCL Division One.

Kexborough won toss and chose to bat.

Kexborough 1st XI: 213 all out (46.2 overs). Andy Moore 95. B. Kapala 14.2-3-68-5; J. Ahmed 13-2-51-2; A.Whitehead 6-2-31-1; J. Chatterton 7-1-36-0; J. Webster 6-1-24-2.

Fall: 24-38-62-62-72-93-144-191-198-213. (72 for 5 at one stage).

Whitley Hall 2nd XI: 152 all out (41.5 overs). Muzawazi 47, Heathcote 43, Kapala 23.  Jepps 3-41, Steve Honeyman Jnr 4-34, A. Moore 3-18.

Fall: 47-65-96-96-99-123-125-125-152-152.

Kexborough won by 61 runs.

2nd XI skipper Joe Webster writes: “I am pleased to announce that below we have the work of  a guest match reporter for our match at Kexborough last Saturday…none other than IMRAN ‘BOBBY’ KHAN.”


The Tension Rises Between The Wizard and King Cobra

                  Due to popular demand Imran Khan aka The King Cobra is back. No longer playing for Bradfield CC, but now  a Kexborough CC player after being lured by the millions! High anticipation in the build up to the clash of the titans against Whitley Hall, Chris Verity well known as “the wizard” took on The Cobra once again. Previous battles left Verity holding his tail between his legs as Cobra dismantled  the Whitley bowling attack last year for Bradfield CC. But this time round Steve Fletcher (Mister WHCC) splashed the cash, signing big names, formidable team Liam Heathcote, James(Chicken George) Ahmed and sensational Zimbabwe duo Biz Kampala and Dougie.

Mr Fletcher senior left nothing to chance and wanted the victory at all cost. Unfortunately, they left with shoulders slumped and in misery as Cobra laid a solid foundation for the Kexborough kings. Verity lost half of  his £20 match fee for unwarranted send off he gave the Cobra.

James Ahmed, known as Brother Barry from the movie Four Lions, was relieved to see the back of Cobra. He is still on medication since the Cobra annihilated him on there last encounter. Liam Heathcote, known as “The Hyena”, barraged the Cobra with insults, but Joe “Chubbie” Webster showed upmost respect to the Cobra and gave him a quiet send off  with a two finger salute. But the Cobra didn’t bite back…and he will remember for future encounters. Webster, beware of the Cobra’s venom….boom! Whitley Hall came out guns blazing with the awesomely impressive Zimbabwean international  Dougie showing his class and array of stroke play. Verity, the dashing up-and-coming stroke player, failed to perform admirably when the anticipated clash of the young titans unfolded. Cobra got under Verity’s skin and reminded him who was “the boss”, and duly Verity gave his wicket away…but Dougie and  Heathcote went on dismantling KCC bowling attack…but he fell shortly, victim of a marginal leg-before decision. Surely Dougie is destined for bigger and better things in the future. The King Cobra knew whilever the dangerous Heathcote and Ahmed were there at the wicket anything was possible…Andy Moorey, the KCC skipper, came on and took Mr Fletcher Senior’s dreams away, clean bowling Ahmed, while “The Hyena” played a rash shot and was caught on the boundary. Both carrying excess timber, they ran out of steam…so Steve Fletcher Senior stormed out in disgrace and was seen leaving in his white Ferrari Spider 360. In an impromptu press conference after the game Cobra (who has been on a meditation programme) lashed out at his enemies, but had only kind words for Verity who “will be the next best thing and a serious challenger to the Crown”. Also the cobra acknowledged and praised his skipper Andy (the marvellous) Moorey with an amazingly brilliant performance with bat and ball, remarkable 94! Cometh the hour, cometh the man… Some questions were asked by Sky Sports Reporters “why has The King Cobra only signed a one-year deal with KCC? But Sky Sports sources reveal that KCC committee members and Board of Trustees are willing to raid the bank to secure the Cobra once again on a 5-year deal, making him one of the most expensive player in SYCL alongside side likes of Tasker, Siddall, Foster, Tomlinson and “the genius” Neil Longhurst. Meanwhile Cobra has been seen with a buxom blonde…he wouldn’t be drawn when asked who she was, but he had a cheeky grin as he disappeared with her at lunch for a desert.

Imran Khan, July 18th

             Editor’s note. For those who wish to know the bare details of the match, they were as follows: Kexborough won toss, chose to bat, and made 213 all out off 46.2 overs. Fall: 24-38-62-62-72-93-144-191-198-213 (They were 72 for 5 at one stage).Andy Moore hit 95. Whitley’s bowlers were: B. Kapala 14.2-3-68-5; J. Ahmed 13-2-51-2; A.Whitehead 6-2-31-1; J. Chatterton 7-1-36-0; J. Webster 6-1-24-2. Whitley Hall replied with 152 all out off 41.5 overs. Fall: 47-65-96-96-99-123-125-125-152-152.  Muzawazi made 47, Heathcote 43, and Kapala 23.  Kexborough’s bowlers Jepps took 3-41, Steve Honeyman Jnr 4-34, A. Moore 3-18. Kexborough won by 61 runs.


Saturday July 11th

Whitley Hall 2nd XI v Aston Hall 2nd XI (home), SYCL Division One.

Whitley Hall won toss and chose to field.

Aston Hall 2nd XI: 166 all out (39.4 overs). Tim Shaw 93, R. Stump 23.  B. Kapala 9.4-2-41-2; J.Ahmed 12-4-36-3; C. Wragg 7-0-34-0; J. Webster 6-0-34-1; J.Chatterton 5-1-15-1.

Fall of wickets: 10-11-42-48-53-117-121-155-166-166.

Shaw and Holland added 64 for the 6th wicket.

Whitley Hall 2nd XI: 123 all out (46.3 overs). Muzawazi 72, Verity 22, Lowe 14. Nigel Walker 6-27, Shaw 3-13. Fall of wickets: 54-111-111-111-111-112-112-116-119-123.

Atone stage 111 and only one wicket down, then 123 all out!

Aston Hall won by 43 runs.

Note: Prior to this match, Aston Hall 2nds, who are bottom of Div I, had won only 1 of 12 matches and lost 8.


Joe Webster reports on what he says was “the greatest collapse since the fall of the Greek economy” (Aston Hall called it “The Tim and Nigel Show”)

We arrived in the middle of our three-week summer on the back of two very good victories over Woodseats and Millhouses looking to make it a hat-trick against bottom-of-the-league Aston Hall. But perhaps it should be said that the day was cursed from the outset, for Nick couldn’t be bothered to get out of bed before 12.30pm and Dougie (already late) arrived with baby in arm and spent the entire warm-up looking after his daughter.

Webster won the toss and inserted Aston, partly because the wicket had been covered and partly to see what Dougi’s plan was for his daughter while we were fielding. Vicious rumours suggesting she would be more use in the field than the skipper were soon put to bed.

Luckily, Paul Chatts stepped up as chief babysitter. However, baby Muzawazi’s afternoon proved an upsetting one for Paul proceeded to take her through his glittering career.

We set out looking for early wickets and quickly reduced Aston to 11 for two, though this was not down to the bowlers. No, Wragg and DB threw down single stumps with some of the best fielding witnessed on our ground.

James Ahmed then picked up his first wicket since 2012, with Nick taking a good catch at mid-on, and was animated as ever with this feat.

Like buses, two further wickets then came along for George, catches by Tazz and Doug, and Aston were reduced to 53 for five. Then Wragg was introduced to the attack, and his first over produced a very key moment in the innings– for Tazzy (as he later described it) ‘put down a goober’ to give Shaw his first ‘life’ on 28.

Wickets fell at regular intervals from this point, with Chatterton and Webster trying to outdo each other for best off-spinner’s wickets, and a further run out by the young Aussie who was getting visibly upset by news of Australia’s feeble batting display at Cardiff.  Little did he know what was about to follow.

During this time Shaw continued to strike the ball well and on 48 offered a further catch at long-off to Biz, who admitted he was asleep and wasn’t watching (with half a brain he would be dangerous).

Aston battled their way to 166 which had seemed a long way off at one point. But full credit to Tim’s run-a-ball 93, which was the significant contribution in Aston’s innings.

With 60 overs to knock off 167, Dougie and Nick set off in pursuit, and put on 54 for the first wicket before the latter ‘got bored’ and decided to get out. Doug as always was moving through the gears and brought up another classy 50 (which one day he may convert to a 100!).

Vez had joined Doand hit two massive sixes off Walker as he put on 57 with the Zimbabwean.

Then we reached 111 for 1 (Nelson), and at this point the game was abandoned as a draw and we all sat in the outfield singing songs. (“Wickets, not raindrops, keep falling on my head?” asks the editor).

Apparently some jokers have been spreading a rumour that we then lost six wickets for one run and were embarrassingly bowled out for 123, but the writer unfortunately does not remember this occurring. (Anyhow,  full credit to Nigel Walker with 6-27 and the ‘One-Man Team’, Tim Shaw with 3-13 after his fine batting display. The Tim and Nigel Show, perhaps.).

I have been advised not to comment further on our batting display until cricket’s anti-corruption body have fully completed their investigation, and we hope that James Ahmed will be released from custody soon.


Seriously though, a very disappointing result. Had we held our catches when fielding, and held our bats when we went out to bat, it could have resulted in seven points and fourth place in the table, helping keep us in with a chance of back-to-back promotions. Instead, we are left hovering around mid-table. A sniff of promotion remains, but we also find ourselves having to keep looking over our shoulder, for Aston proved they are more than capable of staying in this division.

Next Saturday brings a chance for redemption at Kexborough!

Joe Webster July 11th 2015


Saturday July 4th

Whitley Hall 2nd XI v Millhouses Works 1st XI (away), SYCL Championship

Millhouses won the toss and chose to bat.

Millhouses Works 1st XI: 144 for 8 (50 overs).

Everitt 37. Jimmy Ahmed 11-3-36-0; Aaron Whitehead 10-2-29-1; Inez Younis 14-2-46-5; Biswick Kapala 15-3-30-2.

Fall: 34-64-70-71-73-73-79-98.

Whitley Hall 2nd XI: 147 for 7 (29.4 overs).

Liam Heathcote 79, Oliver Warren 22, Doug Muzawazi 11.

Whitley Hall 2nd XI won by three wickets.

Party in the Park for the 2nd XI

By Chris Verity

Whitley Seconds travelled across Sheffield to Millhouses Park on a scorcher of day a across Sheffield, the team looking to push up the table and leave Millhouses Works behind.

With the warm-up (dodging round the park dog s**t) complete, captain Guy of Gisbon lost the toss and was asked to field, which, on the face of it, was a bad toss to lose, especially given that dumb and dumber (Biswick and Oli Warren) were lost somewhere in the Spaghetti Junction that is South Sheffield.

Thankfully, after their Brains Trust meeting had over-run into the afternoon, the pair finally arrived and they were changed and on the field after only missing one over.

Millhouses made a good start as George and The Harley Hammer dropped in a four-ball per over, but then their progress was halted on 34-for one as Aaron broke the deadlock with Mallett nailing a drive straight at Pecker.

From that moment the bowling was tight from all the seam bowlers –Ahmed, Whitehead and Kapala bowling tight lines and not allowing the Millhouses batsman to get away. This was also backed up by our now accustomed high standards in the field, with the ring doing a superb job of stopping all that was thrown our way.

This tight seam bowling allowed the Magician to be his destructive self at the other end, bowling a brilliant spell of five wickets for 46 runs from 14 overs, including a ball that he fizzed down straight into the pitch after the stand-in Aussie wicketkeeper Todd wasn’t ready.

Todd had a mixed day behind the stumps (standing in for Taz who was unavailable, apparently due to shopping commitments) as he punched one away from the waiting Verity at first slip, but he also looked sharp with a couple of good stumpings.

The most memorable part of Todd’s day was using his manhood to stop a ball from Biswick which bounced awkwardly and caught him flush in the box. According to reports from the Gisbon household, this is the most action little Todd has seen since his arrival in the UK, citing his mother’s quote of ‘don’t bring anything back you didn’t leave with’ as reasons for his inactivity.

Millhouses finished on 144 for eight from their 50 overs, which we were happy with; and tea was taken outside in the park sunshine. Wonderful!

Whitley commenced their innings with Muzawazi and Verity who, after negotiating their way into the twenties, fell relatively cheaply leaving the Wizards at 24 for two, which was soon to be 28 for three after Todd departed still struggling with bruised plums.

This brought to the crease the Mensa member Oliver Warren, who batted well with Pecker to progress the scoring rate and move past 50.

During this spell, Pecker was dropped at mid-on with the missed fairly simple chance proving to be a pivotal moment. ‘Peck’ didn’t look back, however, and continued in his aggressive manner, bludgeoning 10 fours and three sixes on his way to 79, finally holing out to deep backward square. This prompted a few nerves on the Whitley bench as we were now seven down after also losing Warren, Ahmed and Kapala.

Our fears were short-lived, however, as Cometh the hour, Cometh the Gisbon‘…and the skipper strolled (waddled) to the crease and coolly smacked the ball to the square-leg boundary after definitely not gloving a catch to second slip.

Victory by three wickets. All in all a good five points, with our success celebrated quietly in changing rooms not dissimilar to Todd’s dungeon living conditions.

Man of the Match went to Inez for his outstanding bowling, and generally bullying of Oli ‘I can’t wait for Maga’ Warren.

Chris Verity, July 4th 2015




Saturday June 27th

Whitley Hall 2nd XI v Norton Woodseats 1st XI (home), SYCL Division One

Norton Woodseats won toss and chose to bat.

Norton Woodseats 1stXI: 92 for 9 (30.4 overs). Banaris 24. Biswick Kapala 8.4-3-22-6; James Ahmed 8-3-19-0; Aaron Whitehead 7-3-12-1; Inez Younis 7-0-30-2.

Whitley Hall 2nd XI: 93 for 3 (15 overs). Liam Heathcote 25, Chris Verity 12, Todd Dennien 26 not out, Oliver Warren 15. Fall: 42-42-88.

Whitley Hall 2nd XI won by 7 wickets.


Jimmy Ahmed reports on a seven-wicket success for the 2nd XI

On the hottest day of the year so far, Captain Chaos lost the toss and so the Whitley Hall 2nd XI were invited to field first by visitors Norton Woodseats.

Using the same wicket as had been used on Thursday night for the T20 match, Biz and Jimmy exploited the extra pace and bounce well, and Norton Woodseats, finding it hard to deal with the tight bowling, were soon three down for not very many.

The Wizards continued to keep their foot on the pedal, with Inez and Hammer picking up the next few wickets with the help of some good catching from Tazdulkar and the slips.

At 80 for six the batsmen decided they had too many, and gifted us five penalty runs for dancing on the wicket after being warned a few times previously.

Joe had seen enough and decided to bring back Biz to clean up the tail and he finished with a well deserved six for 22.

The classic Whitley tea went down a treat, the only thing missing was the Egg on Egg option, which a few members have requested recently. As we were chasing only 92, Captain Chaos felt it safe to dig into the chicken tikka pasties!

Liam and Vez gave us the good start we needed until Vez fell to a good ball from Shah. Liam fell in the next over, victim to the extra bounce.

DB and Olly built a nice partnership taking us within touching distance. Olly could smell victory, and, with five required, he wanted to finish it in style, running down the track hitting a full toss straight to sub fielder Inez Younis…who, jumping full length, snaffled the catch and set off with the celebrations!

“Get on the weights, Warren!”

Tim finished the job off nicely with a well played five off two balls!

The early finish was just what the doctor ordered with temperatures reaching 25 degrees, the Great British summer was felt by ‘Overseas’ DB. forcing him into having a debut shower!

All in all a good team performance from Whitley Wizards. More of the same next week boys!!
Jimmy Ahmed, June 27



Saturday June 20th

Whitley Hall 2nd XI v Rotherham Town 2nd XI (away), SYCL Division One.

Rotherham Town 2nds won toss and chose to field.

Whitley Hall 2nd XI: 173 all out (43.1 overs). Todd Dennien 41, Jimmy Ahmed 40, Charlie Wragg 21, Oliver Warren 14, Biswick Kapala 14.  Mo Raza 5-29.

Rotherham Town 2nd XI: 177 for 5 (41.4 overs).  J.Ahmed 10-1-38-1; Kapala 13-1-56-1; J. Webster 7-0-32-1; Muzawazi 3-0-13-2.

Rotherham Town 2nd XI won by 5 wickets.


Joe Chatterton reports on 2nd XI’s disappointing day at Rotherham

Arriving at Clifton Lane to discover a very overgrown Rotherham pitch, which seemed to use Lego instead of soil under the grass, we proceeded to use the warm-up as an opportunity to injure each other as much as possible.

Joe lost the toss, so we were made to bat first, though Rotherham seemed to have only nine players.

Our innings started poorly when Liam Heathcote was out leg-before to the second ball of the match. We knew we were in big trouble when Doug Muzawazi was also given out leg-before the next over, hit in the thigh.

This brought Todd Dennien and James Ahmed together, and they set about recovering the innings. Todd decided the best way to do this was to calmly deposit the ball into a house over mid-wicket for six!

After some solid batting in making 41, Todd defended a slightly wide delivery and was naturally given out leg-before!

James soon followed, bowled after a very useful knock of 40.

At this point the innings began to fall apart as batsman after batsman fell. Tim Wadsworth was caught on one, then Biswick Kapala and Ollie Warren both went soon after for 14 each.

Joe Chatterton contributed exactly nothing to the total, and Adrian Tazzyman followed him for only one.

This left the innings in the hands of Charlie Wragg and Captain Red Cheeks, and a fine last-wicket stand in which Charlie played some good shots and Joe played some nice edges built the total to a more competitive 173 all out. Charlie finished on 21, Joe on 20 not out.

We all then rushed upstairs for tea. Sadly, rumours that chips were in the oven proved unfounded. There was, in fact, an interesting plate of what can only be described as ‘egg served on egg with a bit of tomato’.

The second innings looked a daunting prospect with Rotherham having 56 overs to reach the total. We had to take wickets early to stand any chance.

Biz and James both started with tidy spells but wickets came sparingly with six of the seven batsman for Rotherham reaching double figures. James made the first breakthrough, the opener edging a simple catch to Taz.

With Rotherham comfortably moving towards the target, multiple bowling changes resulted in Biz and Joe picking up a wicket each and two for Doug –Joe utilising the classic leg side full toss to full effect!

Aside from this we failed to create many chances and spent the innings avoiding being hit in the face by the ball (some with more success than others). Even the surprise addition of Liam Heathcote into the attack couldn’t save us –his first ball went flying for six, which, from our point of view summed up a disappointing game.

Joe Chatterton, June 20



Saturday June 13th

Whitley Hall 2nd XI v Whiston (home), SYCL Division One, RAINED OFF

Saturday June 6th

Whitley Hall 2nd XI v Shiregreen (home), SYCL Division One

Whitley Hall won toss and chose to bat.

Whitley Hall 2nd XI: 188 for 9 (50 overs). Kapala 47, Warren 42, J. Ahmed 31. Latif 4-39.

Fall: 2-21-43-80-120-172-183-183-188.

Shiregreen: 167 all out (37.2 overs). Ali 33, Rasool 46. J. Ahmed 10-2-31-1; Kapala 10.2-0-54-3; A. Whitehead 9-3-39-2; J. Webster 3-0-13-0; C.Wragg 5-1-30-3.

Fall: 9-11-59-115-120-123-128-128-167-169.

Whitley Hall 2nd XI won by 21 runs.



Charlie Wragg reports on a 21-run victory over Shiregreen

At a cold and blustery Cinder Hill Lane, Whitley Hall’s 2nd XI welcomed local rivals Shiregreen 1st X1 for what promised to be a close and tight encounter in SYCL Division One.

In front of a crowd of around half a dozen (I think the other regulars were still recovering from frostbite from the previous weekend), Captain Chaos, aka Joe Webster, won the toss and decided to bat first –his reasoning being that while it was ‘still’, he would like to take advantage of the friendlier conditions.

But no-one pointed out to him that it was just a short break between 50 mile an hour gusts of wind. Michael ‘there-is-no-hurricane-coming’ Fish has nothing to worry about on this front at least. By the time the Whitley openers had their pads on, yet another 50-foot tree had been blown to the ground in the nearby field!

Despite their lowly league position, it must be said that Shiregreen’s four-pronged pace attack was as good as anything faced so far this year, and the early loss of Hirst was a setback for the Wizards.

However, our young Aussie Todd Dennien and Tim ‘Lord’ Wadsworth played well to counteract the new ball, and it seemed that we had ridden out the early storm in more ways than one. The old sage Steve Bethel remarked “these two are doing well” just before Dennien pulled a short one to square leg, and Wadsworth, who was continuing his fine run of form, played a beautiful cover drive but unfortunately missed it and Whitley were reduced to 43 for three.

At least Todd had the comfort of not getting another harsh leg-before decision from an English umpire (tip for Todd – it is an Ashes summer, so probably best to keep your pads well away from the stumps or learn to speak with a Yorkshire accent!).

Jimmy Ahmed and Olly ‘my-passport-is out-of-date-and-I-go-on-holiday-in-a-few-weeks’ Warren (well, he is from Stocksbridge, and I would have thought he would need it to be allowed entry into Sheffield) batted well in difficult conditions before Jimmy fell to a spectacular diving catch from the Shiregreen ‘keeper for a well-played 31.

It was not, however, going to be the most talked-about dive from a ‘keeper in this match: that came later in the day, as will be explained.

At drinks, with runs hard to get quickly, it looked like a score of around 150 would be difficult to achieve.  Steve Bethel joined Passport, and after playing a couple of glorious strokes got one that popped to be caught in the slips.

Whitley now looked in serious trouble, and the next to bat was Biswick Kapala, who only minutes before had been laid out fast asleep on a wooden bench.  Rumours were he was still recovering from a night out with Captain Joe the previous week. 

However, this was the point the match started to turn in Whitley’s favour.  Biz launched a stunning attack on the Shiregreen bowlers hitting six fours and Passport, who had batted very sensibly throughout, joined in the fun, hitting six fours and a six.  When they were finally out, Biz for 47 and Warren for 42, it seemed a real shame that both had not get the fifties they well deserved. The tail, if not in full wag mode, managed to take the score up to a respectable 188 for nine after the 50 overs, and while there were some doubts that it might not prove to be a match-winning score, it did give the bowlers something to bowl at.

After yet another excellent Whitley tea, the team took to the field, with Biz looking longingly at his bed/bench. But that did not put him off his stride, and he quickly struck to remove the opener, courtesy of a catch behind from Taz; and when Charlie ‘Sicknote’ Wragg ran out the other opener with a direct throw, the visitors were reduced to 11 for two.

A stand then of nearly 50 put Shiregreen back in control before Biz struck again.

The Harley Hammer, Aaron Whitehead, was introduced to the attack from the road end, and the skipper bowled a few overs of tidy off-spin. 

Another 50 stand took the visitors to 115 for three, and things were starting to look a little bleak for Whitley. 

It is now probably time to talk about the champagne moments from the match.   The first came when Wadsworth in the slips probably thought his hands were too cold to try and use them to take an edge, but instead tried, to no avail, to head-butt the ball to the ‘keeper, who could use his gloves. 

But that was only secondary to the highlight of the day.  A Shiregreen batsman got a top edge that was flying high towards third man. Biz, who was fielding there, was probably still dreaming of his bench, so Taz the ‘keeper shouted for it and set off on a sprint (well a quick jog to me and you) after the ball.  Unfortunately, he did not see the slippery 15 yard boundary marker and promptly went a**e over t*t, and looked up to see the ball coming directly for his head.

Could he, would he, do what Wadsworth failed to do earlier and head the ball along to the third man? No, common sense got the better of him, and he got out of the way. But the Shiregreen ‘keeper knew that he had been outdone, and there would only be one stumper who would be talked about that night.

Well, back to the game.  Hammer swapped ends and Wragg was introduced from the road end.  Wragg, who earlier in the week had been practising alone as he was concerned about his wrist action and length, was sporting a new haircut after his annual trip to the barber’s.  Anyhow, for whatever reason, be it the change of end for Hammer, Wragg’s midweek practice, or even his haircut, the new bowling partnership reduced the visitors to 128 for eight. 

Wragg, who, thanks to the haircut, could now actually see where he was bowling took three quick wickets courtesy of catches by Bethel and Hirst (the other victim was bowled), and Whitehead, who again bowled superbly picking up two (one bowled, one caught by the captain) to finish with figures of two for 39 off nine. 

With victory now looking a strong possibility for the Wizards, the Shiregreen tail-end counter-attacked with some big shots, which led to the re-introduction of the opening bowlers –and they duly obliged.  Jimmy, from a catch by Warren, took out the dangerous Latif , and, fittingly, Biz clean bowled the visitors last man to finish with three for 54 off 10.2 as Shiregreen were dismissed for 167.

So at the end of the day, a deserved but hard-fought 21-run victory, and seven precious points.  This was an excellent all-round team performance and congratulations to all, which means mid table security is a distinct possibility after our step up to Division One. 

So the team went back to the warmth of the dressing room, with Biz thinking of his soft bed at home. Was it, I wonder, a coincidence that the next day there seemed to be a bench missing from the balcony at Cinder Hill Lane?

Charlie Wragg 6 June.



Sunday May 31

Whitley 2nd XI v Norton Oakes 1st XI (home), Mick Savage Trophy

Norton Oakes won toss and chose to field.

Whitley Hall 2nd XI: 170 for 8 (45 overs). T. Wadsworth 35, J. Ahmed 29, O. Warren 23, L. Heathcote 22. Khan 2-40, Wilde 2-20. Fall of wickets: 28-31-51-104-112-132-148-148.

Norton Oakes 1st XI: 171 for 6 (35 overs). Itikash Arun 51 not out, Tom Deaton 30 not out (86 unbroken for 8th wicket). B. Kapala 9-1-39-1; J. Ahmed 6-1-30-1; A. Whitehead 9-1-27-2; C. Wragg 7-1-30-2; J. Webster 2-0-19-0; T. Dennien 2-0-17-0.  Fall of wickets: 23-46-46-57-69-85.

Norton Oakes won by four wickets.

Oliver Warren reports on the 2nd XI’s exit from the Mick Savage Trophy

On the last day of May the Whitley 2nd XI entertained Norton Oakes at Baxter Field in the Mick Savage Trophy. Although Norton won the toss and chose to field, in truth being put in to bat was something the Whitley lads didn’t mind, for it was a blistering day.

Having suffered a rather heavy setback at Rockingham on the Saturday, we hoped to bounce back and put on our Sunday best with a team strengthened by the return of the Harley hammer.

Anyhow, the Whitley innings started off promisingly, with Liam Heathcote (22)  hitting a few nice boundaries, but, unfortunately, he fell with the score on 28.

In came Lord Wadsworth, who has been in fine form with the new Wizard bat (shows what money can buy!), but we lost a second wicket at 31, then a third at 51. Up stepped Wazza, who knocked a quick 23. We lost further wickets at 104 and 112, but James Ahmed contributed a nice 29.

At the end of our allotted 45 overs we had made 170 for eight –not the best score, but a total we felt we could defend.

Biz Kapala and James Ahmed opened the bowling, and it was looking promising when Norton were 46 for three, then 57 for four.

But then the Wizard’s bowlers become a bit wayward, losing their ability to produce any magic spells, and, consequently, Norton Oakes comfortably reached 171 for six to win the game with ten overs to spare as well as those four wickets in hand.



Saturday May 30th

Whitley Hall 2nd XI v RockinghamColliery 1st XI (away), SYCL Division One

Rockingham won toss and chose to bat

Rockingham won by 115 runs

Rockingham: 205 for 7 (50 overs). Singh 42, Sam Atkin 29no. Kapala 14-1-56-0; Muzawazi 13-1-53-2; Younis 15-2-64-2; C. Wragg 8-1-30-2.

Whitley Hall 2nd XI: 90 all out (37.4 overs). Todd Dennien (30) and Oliver Warren (18) the only WHCC batsmen to get into double figures. Wilkinson 2-35, Skipworth 4-10, Hanson 1-16.

Fall of wickets: 2-14-14-46-59-83-83-84-86-90.


Inez Younis reflects on a collapse at Rockingham


Whitley Hall 2nd XI’s visit to Rockingham Colliery CC to face their 1st XI on Saturday ended in what can only be described as a devastating defeat by 115 runs.

The afternoon did not start well when we lost the toss. Rockingham chose to bat on what looked a hard-playing wicket.

Our opening bowlers, Biswick Kapala and Doug Muzawazi, were promptly charged with the task of getting some early wickets. But luck was not going our way when the opening batsman was getting edges through Taz and the first slip.

Then, at 54, a wicket came Doug’s way when the first batsman middled the ball into extra cover, where Todd Dennien took a simple catch.

After seeing enough of one of the openers edging it over the slips, I came on from the far end with Charlie Wragg at the other; and at 82 the other opener offered another comfortable catch (off Charlie) which Nicholas Lowe took at square leg.

Charlie struck again and bowled Robin Singh (42) at 124 for three, and just 11 runs later Doug ran out Ben Dalton for 21.

Rockingham finished with 205 for seven from their 50 overs, Doug having claimed two for 53 from from his 13 overs, Charlie’s two wickets costing 30 runs from eight overs. My own long spell saw me finish with a return of 15-2-64-2.

So now it was our turn to bat, and Doug and Nick went on to the crease…but, with just two runs on the board, Rockingham bagged an early wicket, Nick being trapped leg-before.

Luck wasn’t going our way when first Doug was caught at mid-wicket, then Chris Verity edged one to the wicketkeeper. 

DB (Todd) came in at No 4, and luck went his way as he offered a variety of chances but escaped, and he finished with a helpful 30 off 44, and had a little partnership with Oliver Warren who also got out on 18.

Wickets kept falling like dominoes, the sixth at 83 and the ninth by the time we’d reached 86. Tazzyman came in, and thought he had hit a six…but then realized he’d just skied the ball to mid-off. Nice one!

It all came down to Joe Webster, aka Captain Chaos, and he took a leaf out of Taz’s book, hitting the ball straight to mid-off. That left Charlie not out with six, and Whitley Seconds all out for a paltry 90 runs.

So a sad day for Joe’s men, but heads up boys, let’s show Shiregreen who’s boss on Saturday!

Inez Younis, May 30

Saturday May 23rd

Whitley Hall 2nd XI v Barnsley 2nds (home), SYCL Division One.

Whitley Hall won the toss and chose to bowl.

Whitley Hall lost by 190 runs

Barnsley 2nd XI:342 for 9 (50 overs). Danial Rafiq 172 (16x4s, 13x6s…his runs came off 85 balls); Beck Frostick 63. Kapal 14-0-86-3; J. Ahmed 13-2-74-0; Inez Younis 9-0-56-1; Doug Muzawazi 11-1-85-3;Joe Webster 1-0-22-0; Nick Lowe 2-0-15-0.

Fall 2-100-269-299-304-313-323-323-334.

Rafiq (brother of the Yorkshire player) and Frostick 169 for 3rd wicket.

Whitley Hall 2nds: 152 all out (42.2 overs). Muzawazi 40, Verity 25, Wadsworth 20. Firn 4-38, Potter 3-21.

Match report from Doug Muzawazi will follow.

Meanwhile the following report appeared in Look Local:

At Cinder Hill Lane, Whitley’s 2nd XI suffered a 190-run defeat at the hands of a visiting Barnsley side who were put in by home skipper Joe Webster, and, despite losing a wicket with just two runs on the board, went on to hammer a total of 342 in their 50 overs.

Barnsley opener Danial Rafiq hit 172 off 85 balls, including 16 fours and 13 sixes, and shared a third-wicket stand worth 169 with Beck Frostick (63); and it simply added to Whitley’s pain that they were convinced Rafiq had edged a catch to wicketkeeper Tazzyman when he had just a handful of runs to his name –but the umpire rejected their appeals. He was also later dropped!

Home bowlers Biswick Kapala and Doug Muzawazi each claimed three wickets, but, sadly, it was at a cost of 80-plus runs apiece.

Muzawazi, with a knock of 40, was again in good form when it was Whitley’s turn to bat, but, despite useful support from Chris Verity and Tim Wadsworth, the home side mustered just 152, and Firn (4-38) and Potter (3-21) led the way in a Barnsley attack that ensured the Tykes remained top of the SYCL’s Division One.

Saturday May 16th

Whitley Hall 2nd XI v Norton Oakes (away), SYCL Division One

Whitley Hall 2nds won by 7 wickets.

Norton Oakes won the toss and chose to bat.

Norton Oakes: 189 for 4 (50 overs). Sage 62 not out; Kapala 14-4-60-1; Muzawazi 10-0-52-2; T. Younis 15-5-34-1; J. Chatterton 11-1-38-0.

Whitley Hall 2nds: 190 for 3 (   overs).Muzawazi 83; Dennien 71 no.

Fall: 25-1, 63-2, 165-3.

Muzawazi and Dennien 102 for 2nd wicket.


Todd Dennien reports on a comfortable seven-wicket success for Joe’s Merry Men

The Whitley Hall 2nd XI travelled to Norton Oakes on Saturday to take on their 1st XI in what was supposed to be a tough encounter for the Wizards.  However, Joe ‘Gisbon’ Webster and his merry men had other ideas as they made light work of their task and cruised to a seven-wicket win with 20 overs to spare.

The Gisbon headed out for the toss with an element of concern on his face because his son, and star pupil, Todd ‘Dungeon Boy’ Dennien, had contracted a virus overnight and was looking a bit under the weather. The Wizards lost the toss and were asked to field first on a flat wicket; and, after an electric warm-up and an inspirational pep talk from the fearless Gisbon, it was time to get down to business.

Biswick ‘who’s picking me up?’ Kapala and Doug ‘DB I can’t come to your 18th because I’m whipped’ Muzawazi were given the new ball to work their magic, and they wasted no time making inroads into the Norton Oakes top order as Muzawazi trapped one of the openers in front of all three stumps. 

Doug was again in the thick of the action with a nice caught-and-bowled dismissal, removing the number three for stuff-all. 

Kapala decided he wanted a piece of the pie and schnicked off the other opener for 21 and the score was 51 for three. 

Both Doug and Biswick bowled with great control, their line and length was superb, especially their length…They have great length!

The remainder of the innings would go on to be one of the most boring in South Yorkshire League Cricket history as the batsmen batted for themselves and dug an almighty hole.  Inez ‘The magician’ Younis and Joe ‘Okay then I’ll come back for cricket today’ Chatterton strangled the life out of the Norton Oakes batsmen, and were backed up extremely well in the field (especially by DB who battled through the pain for the good of the team).

Inez claimed a wicket along the way as he got through 15 overs straight, finishing with 34 for one, or, as you say in these parts, one for 34. Norton Oakes limped to 189 for four from their allotted 50 overs.

Tea was had and the Wizards’ batsmen had their minds only on one thing –getting those runs as quick as possible and getting back to the club for a couple of quiet drinks. 

Doug and Andrew ‘I don’t have a nickname yet’ Hirst opened the batting and got the Wizards off to a bright start until Hirst missed a straight one with the score on 25.  Lord Wadsworth arrived at the crease and played some beautiful shots, his timing was exquisite – these BDS Wizard bats must be really good?

Anyway, he too missed a straight one and was on his way for 19, the score was 63 for two.

DB came to the crease and joined Muzawazi, it was show time! The pair made batting look easy and the scoreboard was ticking over. Muzawazi cruised past 50 and could be mistaken for a young Brian Lara. Muzawazi made his way to 83 before also missing a straight one, and the 2nd XI’s ability to score 100s once again failed them. Damn it, Doug!

Oliver Warren came to the crease and joined DB with only 25 to win and plenty of overs up their sleeves.  Sixes were hit…I don’t want to talk about it…GAME OVER! Whitley Hall win in a canter. Beer time!




Sunday May 10th

Whitley Hall 2nd XI v Oughtibridge (away), Mick Savage Trophy

Whitley Hall 2nd XI won by 5 wickets.

Oughtibridge won toss and chose to bat.

Oughtibridge 1st XI: 146 (41.3 overs). Tom Starkes 42, Joe Boyden 35. B. Kapala 9-0-39-1; Dennien 4-0-19-1; Muzawazi 7.3-1-23-2; I. Younis 9-3-1-2; J. Webster 2-0-19-0; R. Sanderson 9-5-19-2; O.Warren 1-0-8-1.

Fall: 81-81-85-90-90-98-126-126-146-146.

Whitley Hall 2nd XI: 151-5 (33 overs). Muzawazi 37, Dennien 9, T. Wadsworth 30, Warren 6, Kapala 22, S. Bethel 27*. Mohammed Saad Ali 9-1-38-2; Joe Boyden 3-0-15-2.

Fall: 9-75-86-119-138.



 Tim Wadsworth reports on how Bethel got his chips and Webster’s Saturday errand paid a Sunday dividend

Having selected the team for this Mick Savage Trophy fixture on the Wednesday prior to the match as usual, Captain Webster found himself having to fill a couple of voids the day before the game — Joe Chatterton choosing not to travel to Sheffield following Saturday’s game being cancelled, while Josh Dobson withdrew, reportedly because he had to plaster a wall for someone (with the rumour being…his Mrs was doing the mixing!).

Webster, confessing concern for his Horbury future in advance, took it upon himself to select the ageless Roy Sanderson without going through official channels; and Steve Bethel agreed to fill the second berth on condition that Webster fetched fish and chips for him on Saturday afternoon, thus allowing Steve to watch first XI action v Conisbrough uninterrupted. Webster, true to character was more than willing to oblige, the reason for which only he will know. He was absent for 40 minutes!

Match day was upon us, and one of the first arrivals to the ground was Nelson ‘I walked out after their third goal’ Windle. He had been drafted in as twelfth man on the basis Webster was offering short odds on Bethel not turning up. Bethel however, kept his word, and arrived in plenty of time, although looked a little under-prepared, carrying only a towel, a pair of flannels and a shirt.

After a lethargic warm up, Webster lost the toss, and Oughtibridge elected to bat first on what, at first glance, looked a decent pitch. Thankfully Matthew ‘Tyers’ Tyers had chosen not to toss up wearing his official Oughtibridge blazer and cap on this occasion.

Kapala was given the new ball from the river end and Wragg from the house end. Wragg’s first delivery resulted in a wide, and the lad himself in a pile on the floor, pulling his calf muscle in his delivery stride. He departed the field, not to return. After three overs of locating car and changing room keys, and a change of clothes…enter Windle, immaculately presented in his whites, after only five minutes earlier resembling 50 Cent. He was immediately slotted in at gulley.

Messes Starkes and Boyden pushed on at pace, taking Oughtibridge to 65 without loss. After a couple of bowling changes, Younis and Sanderson found themselves working in tandem, stemming the flow of runs through a combination of exhilarating spin, and wily swing bowling respectively. It was an excellent spell for WHCC. From a commanding position of 81 for none, Oughtibridge soon found themselves 81 for two.

Three quick wickets followed, reducing them to 90 for five. The first was a result of some sharp ground fielding from Windle, resulting in a run out; the second an athletic one-handed diving catch from Todd ‘DB’ Dennien in the covers, off the bowling of the fearless Younis; and the third a sharp one-handed catch from Wadsworth, at first slip, off the ever-dependent Sanderson. Tyers was the next to fall (much to his disbelief!), being cleaned up by a full quick delivery from Biz Kapala, whose second spell was both sharp and accurate.

The Oughtibridge innings progressed, and in the absence of Wragg, Captain Webster needed to ‘find an over’ from a part-timer. Step forward Olly Warren. Ladies and gentlemen, what followed was remarkable. A return of 1-0-8-1 by no means tells the full story, for this over had everything. Five individual wides, and a no-ball beamer resulting in a warning. All the time you could see what crafty Warren was working towards…a caught-and-bowled off the final delivery.

Suddenly all those with Warren in their fantasy team were rubbing their hands together with glee!

Muzawazi returned to the attack and continued where his first spell ended, bowling a controlled line and length (of which he has plenty!) taking full advantage of the pitch, regularly hitting the seam.

Tazzyman once again demonstrated his skills behind the wickets with a tidy spell of glove work, including a nice catch standing up to Sanderson, and no byes on a pitch which offered variable bounce.

The innings closed with Oughtibridge amassing 146. Wickets were shared and Webster congratulated the team on working hard, and coming back after a disappointing start. All the time Bethel was paying little attention as all he was interested in was the tea lady, who had “a massive pair of swingers”.

Now it was over to WHCC to knock the runs off and progress to the next round of the competition. Muzawazi strapped on the pads as usual, and went through a thorough Blue Dog bat selection process in the changing rooms, having broken his own bat at Aston Hall. He finally settled on one of Webster’s many bats, removing one of the three grips despite strict instructions from Webster not to mess around with it. The skipper wasn’t happy! Muzawazi was joined by Dennien as his opening partner, in the absence of Verity.

Once out in the middle DB, after caressing a couple of lovely early boundaries, fell leg-before to Israr Ahmed. Lord W strode to the crease at No. 3.

Muzawazi then played some classy front and back-foot shots in a stand of 66 with Wadsworth, to progress to a slick 37, before missing a premeditated ‘attacking stroke’, and was comfortably stumped. Lord W then set his stall out to be the backbone of the innings, and amassed a patient 30 off 81 deliveries, supporting Warren, Kapala and Bethel in reaching 151 for five.

Kapala chipped in with a useful 22, including a tasty six over long on, and three fours — all of which flew off the middle of the blade– before falling to Boyden.

When Bethel came to the crease, he made batting look extremely easy, scoring 27 –24 of which were in boundaries– off 23 deliveries. At one point he struck a delivery to backward point, calling Lord through for a single. Lord was forced into an unsightly commando roll to make his ground, similar to scenes from the first-team warm up at Hallam, to then be greeted by Bethel saying something like “F@*&ing hell, Tim, there’s one there…it was just like batting with Sids then. Get that handle out of your arse”. (By the way, it was never a single!)

Bethel hit further boundaries and ended the match with a six over square mid-wicket, which we assume landed half way between Worrall and Bradfield.

WHCC beat their bitter rivals by 5 wickets

Tim Wadsworth May 10th


Saturday May 9th

2nd XI v Collegiate (a) cancelled (weather)

Saturday May 2nd

2nd XI v Kexborough 1st XI (home), SYCL Division One

Match rained off, 36 overs, 2pts

Kexborough won toss and chose to field.

Whitley Hall 2nd XI:190 for 6 (36 overs).Liam Heathcote 91 (14 x 4s, 3 x 6s), Nick Lowe 43 (lbw), Todd Dennien 5(lbw), Oliver Warren (9), Biswick Kapal 12, Tim Wadsworth 5 not out, Charlie Wragg 0 lbw. Andrew Moore 5-24.

Fall of wickets: 108-127-149-173-189-189.

Umpires: Rashid Iqbal, Mick Maguire.


Saturday April 25th

2nd XI v Aston Hall 2nds (a), SYCL Division One


Whitley Hall 2nd XI won by ten wickets

Whitley Hall won toss and chose to field.

Aston Hall 2nd XI: 72 all out (27.4 overs). Biswick Kapala 8.4-2-23-3; Liam Bacon 9-1-24-3; Inez Younis 7-3-10-4; Joe Chatterton 3-0-14-0.

Whitley Hall 2nd XI: 73 for none (16.3 overs). Chris Verity (31 not out); Doug Muzawazi (38 not out). Did not bat: Liam Heathcote; Charlie Wragg; Biswick Kapala; Tim Wadsworth;Liam Bacon; Adrian Tazzyman; Joe Webster (capt); Joe Chatterton; Inez Younis.

                                                           Seconds Crush Aston Hall

Adrian Tazzyman admits to being frustrated by a lack of summat to moan about when it comes to reporting on a perfect day for the Second XI


Gisborne’s army arrived at Aston Hall last Saturday looking to avenge the previous week’s narrow defeat (classed in Rotherham as a moral victory). Our warm-up was up to its usual average standards –no football was played owing to a lack of facilities, ie a football. Joe won the toss and elected to field, which immediately paid off as Kapala and a much-improved, sober Bacon made steady inroads into the Aston Hall batting.

The fielding was pretty good, although a few chances were grabbed at the second attempt,  the highlight being off a King Inez full toss hit to midwicket, where Gisborne’s one-handed token gesture landed in his ample cleavage. When this happens, you know it’s your day!

Inez bowled superbly showing good control finishing with figures of four for 10 off seven overs, supported by Biz (three for 23) and Liam (three for 24). Joe Chatts was robbed of a wicket by the Ginger Dog Verity, who punched a goober at midwicket.

The innings closed Aston Hall 72 all out after 27.4 overs at around 3pm. Tazzys pre-season plan of having his tea at 3pm every day in preparation for when we get hammered proved a shrewd move. A fine tea was served including chips which Gisborne wasn’t sure he liked so tried three platefuls to make certain, he also looked bemused at the offering of fruit.

Dougie and Vez knocked the runs off without too much alarm, although Doug was dropped off the first ball of the Innings. All over after 16.3 overs, and a 4pm finish which Pecker appreciated as he sped off to try and get back in the Missus’s good books. Lord Wadsworth declined the showers as he preferred the more palatial surroundings at home.

All in all a good day for the Seconds, but not great for the match reporter as its much better when we cock it up and there’s more material to work with!

Adrian Tazzyman April 25


Saturday April 18th

2nd XI v Millhouses Works (h). SYCL Division One.

Millhouses won by 13 runs.

Whitley Hall won toss and chose to field.

Millhouses 213 for 7 (50 overs)

Richard Everitt 76. Kapala 10-3-37-1; Bacon 13-3-55-3;Muzawazi 6-1-15-1; Younis 10-0-36-1; J. Webster 3-0-22-1.

Whitley Hall 2nd XI 200 for 9 (50 overs).

Muzawazi 87; Kapala 46; Verity 24; Heathcote 16.

FoW: 47-73-129-130-130-130-134-155-195     Lost 5 wkts for 5 runs at one stage!


Muzawazi‘s Magic not enough

Opening day setback for 2nd XI, but Skipper Joe Webster finds plenty of positives

The ‘home of cricket’ looked picturesque on the opening day of the 2015 season when Millhouses paid our 2nd XI a visit at Baxter’s Field. Pre-game football was again won by the seniors thanks to a lovely left-foot volley from the ‘workhorse’ skipper, who had clearly wintered well. Then, with his warm-up work complete, our leader duly completed the duty which is the sole reason he is in the side –dealing with the toss, winning it, and inviting our visitors to bat.

Bacon arrived at the warm-up with eyes the Grim Reaper would be proud of, and was delighted when the skipper elected to field, bowled three balls in the warm up and declared himself fit. What followed was a strong intense start from the Wizards, with Bacon and Biz bowling good consistent areas and being unlucky not to be rewarded for miserly opening spells.

As this point the scoreboard decided to explode, but rumours of Singleton dousing it in Tango in protest at no pay rise this season were soon proven false. However, this led to our new Aussie recruit Todd (aka Dungeon Boy) spending the afternoon updating the scoreboard manually, and to add to his burden the poor lad had to also endure painful hours listening to the ‘Wisdom of Whitehead’ –no wonder there were reports circulating on Saturday evening that he had last been seen walking down The Wheel with his suitcase trying to thumb a lift to Manchester Airport!

Millhouses opening partnership moved past 50 before Whitley struck as Akhtar drove at Muzawazi on the up and was snaffled by Verity at deep extra cover (shrewd field placement by the skipper!). This brought the dangerous captain Kahn to the crease, and at this point Everitt began to cut loose and dominated a second-wicket stand of 69 (oi oi) before skipper Joegot one to drift, turn and swing (it went straight on) to trap his opposite number in front leg-before.

We knew we needed regular wickets from here on, as anything is possible at WHCC with wickets in hand; and the skipper turned to Bacon who had now gone from drunk to hungover during his fielding stint, but he immediately hit his mark, clean bowling Everitt for a well made 76.

All the while our 13 year old Magician was using all his tricks at the other end to produce a spell of bowling well beyond his years to keep a stranglehold at one end, and the boy was duly rewarded with a wicket thanks to a sharp stumping from the veteran Tazzyman, now by far the oldest member of the side.

However, what happened next showed why the wily old fox is still in the side. After he let a simple bye through, which prompted some to question if he was still up to the task, the truth was revealed off the following ball. Tazzyman’s slip had been intentional, allowing Danuka onto strike… and Bacon found his outside edge, Tazzyman took the catch knowing it was his genius that had masterminded the wicket.

Speaking of genius, the captain, having watched the IPL, had now decided the best place to skipper the side from was third man, and by bringing up his fine leg to allow more out of the circle, this really was like watching McCullum at work. Whitley again finished well and were unlucky not to be rewarded with more wickets.

Millhouses finished on 213 for seven, which Whitley were content with given the start the visitors had made. It was also thanks to a strong bowling and fielding display, with just one hiccup:  the captain had to explain the need to throw to the end which offered the most gain!

We were greeted by the famous Whitley salad tea, although it was noticed that the equally famous chicken tikka pasties had disappeared. (Bacon was not present at the tea table owing to having to continue his alcohol recovery programme and the leg side wide rule, but it was noted,too, that he had just been informed that the subs had been increased to £10).

Whitley’s run pursuit started strongly with Muzawazi and Verity taking the attack to the Millhouses bowlers, including a cut/flick shot from Verity which went sailing for six. Verity had clearly benefited from his early morning gym sessions, and all seemed well until, just as their opening partnership neared 50, Verity’s stumps were rattled by Ali, who also accounted for ‘Lord’ Wadsworth.

The newly rebuilt Pecker then forged a strong partnership with Muzawazi, who was batting beautifully –he had realised that one is actually allowed to score more than 30 runs in an innings! So Muzawazi brought up his 50 in style, and took Whitley to 120 for two and pole position at drinks, withMillhouses having all the questions to answer.

Then, thanks to some good bowling from the Millhouses spinners and poor shot selection from the Whitley batsmen, 129for two became 134 for seven in the blink of an eye, as batting kit was being thrown on and taken off in the dressing room faster than you could say Steve Fletcher. Chatterton and Kapala rallied to take us to a point, but it was the overs remaining rather than runs required that was against Whitley as Chatterton fell at 155 for eight with 16 overs left.

This wicket brought Webster to the crease, fresh from his 18-run 2014 campaign, and he was immediately advised by the Millhouses ‘keeper to which end they would be throwing at. Fair play to the guy, but he can’t help it if he didn’t know I had a turn of pace similar to Usain Bolt!

Sixteen overs was looking a long time to bat with Kapala, who was growing in confidence. However being the true superhero that he is, Webster survived as Kapala accumulated, and as the overs ticked down so did the target.

Kapala was batting out of his skin, and having taken 16 off a Kahn over the target was 17 and well within sight again. However disaster struck and Kapala was bowled for a very well made 46.

This left the Magician and Webster to see Whitley through to the close 13 runs short but with two points to show for a game in which they dominated in parts, but a crazy five overs ultimately cost them the game. Webster finished 11 not out, well on the way to overtaking his last year’s runs tally.

A strong day for our Zimbabwean contingent, very fitting on Zimbabwean Independence Day, but although we were in a strong position, to fight back to two points from the position we fell into was more than just reward for a strong and positive start to the season.

So, in true Second Eleven fashion, we managed to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory thanks to a batting collapse, but many positives can be drawn from the game that in patches we dominated but lacked that killer instinct. But equally we showed to everyone, and most importantly ourselves, that we can compete at this level and we boast the grit and fight which makes me believe we can survive in this division.

Onwards and Upwards! UTW!


Joe Webster April 18 2015